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Free Netflix account (or almost) - Tested and working!

Free Netflix for many people can be a necessity dictated by several factors. Some time ago I wrote an article (in Italian language) in which I talked about a very valid alternative service to Netflix. Although the guide is very useful, however it does not provide a free Netflix account.

Free Netflix account

With this article I want to talk about a new service that allows you to purchase a Netflix account discounted by about 90% valid in all countries where Netflix service is available, there are so many so I’m pretty sure you are in one of them.

WARNING! Although all accounts offered are tested and working 100% a regular membership is always the right choice.

The service offers unlimited subscriptions at the single price of about 10 dollars, the cost of a Netflix month or so. The main difference is that the accounts have an almost “unlimited duration.” The concept of unlimited is obviously related but you should be able to do a whole year without any problems as long as you comply with the terms of use.

We can not say that we are watching free Netflix in the strict sense of the term but we are almost there, as we are facing a dramatic reduction compared to a regular subscription.

Free Netflix account: the guidelines

The service, however, points out a few guidelines which if not respected can bring the account to stop working running into some problems. The main ones are:

  • You should absolutely not change the provided login data (username and password). The account settings also should not be changed and if there are already existing profiles you need to use those without creating new ones.
  • When you log in you have to uncheck the “Remember me on this device” option and when you are finished using Netflix it is necessary to logout from the app/browser.

If you follow these simple guidelines you will use without problems a subscription to Netflix basically given away. In addition, in the unlikely event that the account purchased stops working, the site provides a warranty of six months on the purchase that will allow you to replace the account completely free of charge.

If you are really looking for a free Netflix account (or almost free) you can buy it via this link.

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